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The Miracle Of Saint Marie Eugenie

April 5, 2024

When you have a great story to tell, you can’t keep it to yourself. It is meant to be shared, especially if it involves a miracle. This is what inspired the Sisters to go out of the convent to spread the good news… Here is an account from Michelle Dayrit Soliven, Philippines, commemorating Marie Eugenie on her feast day and how she became a saint:

A congregation of nuns in purple from the Religious of the Assumption, followed by a crowd of spirited women comprised of alumnae and members of the Community of Lay Assumption, embarked on a journey from March 1 to 9 for a series of novena Masses in different parishes. The congregation commemorated the feast of St. Marie Eugenie and also observed her 125th death anniversary. The novena Masses culminated on March 10, her Feast Day. The congregation thanked all the priests who welcomed us into their parish churches and delivered homilies highlighting the life of St. Marie Eugenie during these nine novena Masses.

My Assumption classmates and I felt extremely blessed to be present in those nine days to celebrate Mass, take communion, listen to the life story of our beloved Mother Foundress and finally, the testimonial declaring how she became a saint. Having attended elementary, high school and college in a school run by the Religious of the Assumption greatly influenced our spirituality. Bound together by her teaching, my classmates and I strive to live a life following her virtues. St. Marie Eugenie wrote, “The spirit of the Assumption is characterized by straightforwardness, openness, thoughtfulness, simplicity, honour, kindness and courage.”

Because of her powerful intercession, a miracle occurred, and Mother Marie Eugenie was proclaimed a saint by Pope Benedict XV on June 3, 2007.

Miracles do happen to those who trust, pray, and believe. Menchu Bondoc and her daughter, Risa, are two of the great examples.

Tita Menchu is a brave and God-fearing woman, truly a woman of faith and a woman of action who maintained a close relationship with the Assumption sisters. One day, Sister Claire sought her help to find a baby for a French couple who were looking to adopt. They specified a baby girl. Not long after, a pregnant teenager was in need of adoptive parents for her baby girl. When the baby was born, she was brought to Tita Menchu who gratefully received her.

After a month under her care, Tita Menchu noticed that the baby’s eyes were not focused. Something was wrong. She asked her husband if she could take the baby to a specialist. The doctor’s findings were not good to hear. In layman’s terms, he said her brain was disconnected. Because of this, she would not be able to talk. She would not be able to walk. She would not be able to see. She would only live for about three to four years because of her medical condition.

Tita Menchu asked her husband if she could seek a second opinion. She wanted to take the baby to the United States. But she needed assistance since she would not be able to take care of her alone due to her age. She had to bring a caregiver, who would need a visa and might not be able to get one, said her husband. Unfazed, Tita Menchu said, “we will pray.” She had already informed all the sisters to pray for the baby.

In 15 minutes, after she explained the baby’s medical condition to the consul at the US embassy, her caregiver was granted a visa. They arrived in Texas only to hear the same diagnosis from the doctors there. She won’t be able to talk, walk and see. She would only live for three to four years. There was nothing they could do.

She asked her husband if she could take the baby to Paris. There, the sisters carried the baby and reverently placed her on top of the tomb of Mother Marie Eugenie in the mother house. At the same time, the sisters all over the world were praying for a miracle and candles were lit for a whole year in prayer. By then, Tita Menchu informed the French couple of the baby’s condition. The Bondoc family decided to adopt the baby.

They cared for her in the best way they could, and God took care of the rest because she didn’t get worse, instead she got better. The doctors were baffled. There was no medical explanation. And the miracle of Risa Bondoc was declared. In 2007, Mother Marie Eugenie was canonized.

Meanwhile, Risa, our miracle baby finished grade school, high school, and college in Assumption San Lorenzo where she took a job as a receptionist after she graduated. She is gregarious and friendly, warm, and funny. She is huggable and her hand is soft and smooth like a marshmallow.

Miracles do happen to those who trust, pray, and believe. Risa – now 28 years old – continues to thrive despite her blessed complications. She carries a happy, grateful, and loving disposition that is infectious. Every day, her joyful presence is a constant reminder of God’s love to all those she encounters.

“Through the intercession of St. Marie Eugenie, everything I prayed for I received,” said Tita Menchu. Risa with her angelic smile says, “Please go and share the good news about St. Marie Eugenie, so many more will get to know her. Ask her to intercede on your behalf to Jesus, for the grace to receive your own miracle.”

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