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“The specific mission that the Church entrusts to the Congregation is to bring everything together under Christ as head, by the work of education.”

Rule of life of the Religious of the Assumption no.76


Transformative Education

The mission of the Assumption is marked by transformative education. It is a gradual, personal and integral transformation, enabling each person to be themselves as fully as possible. This transformative process, which affects both the individual and the community, brings people to be active participants in the transformation of society. Its aim is the extension of the Kingdom of God in oneself and in others.

Marie Eugénie spoke of Christianising the intelligence through education. She wanted the pupils to learn about justice and social values so that they would be committed to transforming society.

In the early years of the congregation, the educational mission was expressed through the foundation of schools for girls. Over time different educational activities developed in response to the needs of the times and localities. Today there are both formal (schools) and informal educational initiatives in our Province. 

Our Educational Projects

Newcastle and Middlesbrough
Kids Kabin is a creative and artistic centre for children aged 8 to 16. The project aims to foster the development of their talents and skills, to enable greater integration and participation in social life. www.kidskabin.org.uk

Welcome Babbelkot is an educational project within a multi-cultural neighbourhood aimed at encouraging the integration of migrant families, children and young people into mainstream society.

Assomption Boitsfort is a primary and secondary school focusing on the integral education of the person, where intelligence, heart and will become the source of strength for meaningful action both on a personal and community level.  Secondary:
www.assomption-edu.be  Primary: www.assomption-ecole.be  

Blessed Theophilus Matulionis School, a primary, junior and senior secondary school, for 7 to 19 year olds. In each class there are students with special needs. The school is run by the Assumption Sisters and the Diocese of Vilnius. www.ptmg.lt

Istituto San Carpoforo, a bilingual school for students aged 3-14 years old, committed to the inclusion and development of every pupil.  www.istitutosancarpoforo.com

Marianum, a halls of residence for female university students, fostering personal and spiritual development.

The Asumcion School in Copenhagen was established in 1903 as an international French school, is oldest international school in Denmark. The school now has two sections: Danish and International (English).  There is no longer a community of Assumption Sisters in Denmark, but the school expresses its willingness to be part of the network of Assumptionist schools and to implement their ethos and educational vision. For both schools, particular emphasis is placed upon mutual understanding and respect among the many nationalities in the two schools. The aim of the International School is to provide a sound education, in English, in order to enable students to return to their own national system or continue at another international school. The education given is, above all, in the Christian spirit; great importance is placed upon the religious and moral development of the individual student. www.rygaards.com