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Climate & Justice

Together with all those who are committed to building a more fraternal world, the sisters to work for the promotion of justice, which is the condition and expression of a society influenced by the Gospel.

Rule of Life of the Religious of the Assumption No. 79

Commitment to Change

Gospel Values in a Challenging World

Faced with the challenges of our world, we recognise in the Assumption that to love our time today and to collaborate in social transformation according to Gospel values, requires an inescapable commitment to Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation. This commitment is rooted in biblical sources and in the Church’s social teaching.

Justice, peace, care for creation and solidarity are part of our personal and community life and missions. “We await the call to continue to be creative and carry out effective actions, aware of the intimate relationship between the poor and the fragility of our planet.” (General Chapter 2018)

The new cosmic vision that give Assumption spirituality, lifestyle and education its energy is a recovery of the experience, the intuitions and reflections that Marie Eugenie shared with the first Sisters of the Assumption.

Sr Ana Senties
Towards Eco Assumption, 2015

We must delve into our spiritual resources in order to respond to the challenges facing our common home. As Marie Eugenie emphasised: This earth is a place of glory for God.

The Incarnation: this mystery was chosen by Marie Eugenie for the new congregation. In it we see the mystery by which humanity is divinized and all things are reconciled in Christ. It is the key to the purpose and hope of the community of creation, for all is for Jesus Christ. It is the foundation of our work for justice, peace and care of creation.

“God is goodness who desires to give Himself” (Marie Eugenie 1879). There is ultimate goodness in creation even if disfigured by human failure. We value the gifts we receive from God and foster the miracle of life. Today, in a planet challenged by multiple emergencies: climate and environmental, inequalities and the recent pandemic, we recover the joy of being human and hope in the unfailing goodness of God.

Kingdom values

We are working for the transformation of society, within which everything is interconnected. Because “we are custodians of our common home, of earth and of every creature’”(Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti) our choices need to be informed. We consider the social consequences of our actions and their impact upon the environment and the climate, and we seek to foster dialogue, peace and reconciliation. Living simply in a spirit of joyful detachment we journey joyfully towards the coming of God’s Kingdom, believing that the whole of creation is called to the fullness of life. 


The coming of the Kingdom begins in the heart, it is led by the Spirit. In prayer we listen to what is being asked of us and in our weakness we are given the strength to respond. We believe that ‘it is God who guides everything and no more loving and wise hand could guide our destinies’. (St Marie Eugenie) 

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