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“I asked God for the gift of uninterrupted prayer, the grace to forget myself and all human consolation that I might rely on Him alone. 

(St Marie Eugenie 1847)

A meeting with God

The importance of prayer

“Prayer is a meeting with God in mystery; it is listening to the Word; it is consent to the love that gently takes possession of our heart, mind and will.

Contemplative prayer to which all are called is a gift of the Spirit. We prepare to receive it by our constant effort to live a truly interior life which makes us sensitive to God through the signs he gives in the present moment. The quality of our prayer will always depend on this constant fidelity to love. The prayer of each person is unique but for all it is a moment where we live in deep relationship and intimacy with God.  

Let us not fear the times of solitude with God. We may have to wrestle through the night and battle with the depression and darkness which are the result of sin. Faith, Hope and Love will enable us to endure until the day breaks. We will then know the tenderness of God’s Blessing which touches us in the secret of our being. 

We must persevere courageously in prayer never giving up but remaining before God as those who are poor before Him who is rich in all good things and who desires to share them. This experience will often be obscure but it will be known by its effects: purity of heart, deep peace and a total and joyful gift of ourselves to the slightest sign of God’s will. Prayer opens us to the action of the Spirit and enables us to surrender to Him who meets us in every circumstance, making us worshippers in Spirit and in Truth whom the Father seeks. This unity of life is the fruit of a long and patient effort.”

From the Rule of Life of the Religious of the Assumption

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I believe that we are placed in this universe to work for the coming of the Kingdom of God in ourselves and in others. I believe that Jesus Christ has saved us to make us free to work according to His Word. It pains me to hear this earth called a land of exile. I consider it a place of glory for God. I believe that each of us has a mission on earthIt is simply a question of seeking how God can use us to make His Gospel known and lived. I believe that we must do it courageously and by means of faith… the poor means of Jesus Christ, surrendering the success of it to Him. I believe in a truly Christian society where God, though invisible, reigns everywhere and is preferred to everything. To make known Jesus Christ, the liberator and King of the world, to teach that everything belongs to Him, that He wants to form in each of us the great work of the kingdom of God and wishes each of us to enter into His plan: either to pray or to suffer or to act. I must confess to you that this is for me the beginning and end of all Christian education.” 

From a letter of St Marie Eugenie written sometime between 1841 and 1844 

“The spirit of the Assumption tends towards a joyful detachment from earthly things and a going beyond trials and difficulties without complaining or wasting our time over them. The Blessed Virgin calls us to rise with her to a celestial life by placing our thoughts and affections in heaven. 

As we liberate ourselves from useless words and actions, complaints, worries and worldly affairs, we make the kingdom of God present. We speak more often to God and of God. Everything is to be gained here, and if there is anything to be lost, it is a certain need to think about ourselves. Let us ask God to take this need away.  

Let us leave lesser and inferior things under our feet so that we can continually raise our minds and hearts towards God, busy ourselves with God, seek God, see God, talk about God and love God.” 

St. Marie Eugenie 1878

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