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“I want to be faithful to my baptism, to keep my life united to Christ present in all my brothers and sisters.” 

From the Lay Assumption Commitment

Assumption Together

A Gift of God for the Church and World

Assumption Together developed from the desire and decision that sisters and laity should journey together, according to the charism and spirituality of the Assumption. It is composed of sisters and lay people who wish to be part of the spiritual family of the Assumption drinking from the same source and sharing the experience of St Marie Eugenie of Jesus. With their eyes fixed on Jesus Christ and the extension of his Kingdom, Assumption Together wants to practically express a passion for transforming society according the Gospel.

The Assumption charism is a gift of God for the Church and the world. In living out this charism according to their respective vocations, sisters and lay people both enrich it and bring it to life.

Assumption Together is made up of

The friendship of sisters with others

The deepening of Assumption spirituality by various groups

Those who join in the prayer of Assumption communities

A shared mission 

New ways of living in community which allow sisters and laity to share life and mission

Young people and children currently in our schools and their families

Our different networks: former pupils and students, Assumption Volunteers etc.

Journeying in the Footsteps of Saint Marie Eugénie

Embracing the Charism of the Assumption as Lay People

The Way of Life is offered to lay people who wish to live the grace of their baptism according to the charism of the Religious of the Assumption and the spirituality of its foundress Saint Marie Eugénie. It is a spiritual invitation to all who wish to receive it. 

Those who follow the Way of Life form a community with other lay people by committing themselves to the spirituality of Saint Marie Eugénie in the three dimensions of the charism of the Assumption:

Fraternity and community 

Prayer and contemplation 

Mission in the service of the Kingdom 

To find out about activities in the different countries of the Province, visit the page in the language of the country. 


In England ‘Friends of the Assumption’ covers a wide range of people; it is an umbrella term encompassing a variety of ways of sharing in the charism of the Assumption, being part of the lives, prayer, and mission of the sisters. 

We also welcome people to join us in friendship and in sharing the richness of our charism in several specific ways:

  • Young adults (18-30s) are invited to join Assumption Youth events, which usually take place in central London, as well as pilgrimages and residential retreats in a variety of locations.
  • All are welcome to attend day retreats facilitated by Assumption Communities, during Advent and Lent, and occasionally during other times of the year, as well as other social and spiritual events.
  • In England there are no groups of lay people committed to the Assumption Way of Life, but after a year of formation and discernment, individuals who make this annual commitment are linked to an Assumption community.
    Contact your nearest Assumption community or Sr Christine: