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since 1850

Kensington Community

Convent of the Assumption, 20 Kensington Square, London W8 5HH 

Tel: + 44 (0)20 7361 4756
Email: enquiries@assumptionreligious.org 

Founded in 1859 as a House of Adoration and Reparation. Soon after a school opened, then it became a Teacher Training College in 1946, and later it became an Ecumenical Centre. A house of welcome, Milleret House opened in 2010. 

Mission: biblical hospitality, shown by making Jesus Christ known and loved in Central London, through prayer and transformative education. 

  • Milleret House – space for reflection, especially for young people, and adult formation.
  • Chapel ministry – Adoration, Office, Eucharist, Sunday congregation
  • Young Adults and Assumption Volunteers – for details about events for young people, contact: tramy@assumptionreligious.org

Times of prayer:  

Chapel open: daily 9am-7pm 
Eucharistic Adoration: 3.30-5pm 
Sunday Mass: 10am 

Newcastle Community

24-26 Hexham Avenue, Walker, Newcastle on Tyne, NE6 3AL 

Email: newcastle@assumptionreligious.org   

Founded in 1993 living alongside and in solidarity with people in Walker, Newcastle, a neighbourhood of simple council housing.  

Mission: being good neighbours, volunteering in a local asylum and refugee centre called “Walking With”, where over 150 families are helped, giving support and friendship to the Assumption Volunteers living next door who work in “Kids Kabin”. We are involved in the local parishes, visiting, taking communion to the sick, running a Scripture group and RCIA programme. 

Kids Kabin: in response to the needs of the area, this creative art and craft centre was set up to support local children. Begun in 1993, initially activities were organised by the Sisters, today it is a purpose built facility and an established charity. Each year a community of international Assumption Volunteers are invited to join the project to plan, develop and deliver activities for children aged 8-13 years old. www.kidskabin.org.uk 

St Catherine’s Community

7 Pembridge Square, London, W2 4EQ 

Email: stcatherines@assumptionreligious.org  

Founded in 1993 to give specialist physical and medical care to the sick and elderly sisters in England.  

Our mission is one of witness in a secular world where the old and sick and disabled are often neglected. We show this by our solidarity, mutual love and spirit of service. By our choice of contemplation and prayer, we witness to a world where God takes first place. 

Twickenham Community

Convent of the Assumption, 259 Waldegrave Road, Twickenham TW1 4SY
Email: twickenham@assumptionreligious.org

Following an invitation from St Mary’s Catholic University, our community was founded in 2016, and is located directly opposite the University. Our mission is to be a praying presence and help promote the Catholic ethos of the university. We are available to help in the chaplaincy, organise times of prayer in the university chapel and welcome students for meals and prayer in the convent. We also run a small student house for young women.

Times of prayer in the Convent:  

Morning prayer: 8am
Midday Prayer and Office of Readings: 12.25pm
Evening Prayer: 5.30pm (except Thursday: 5.15pm in St Mary’s University Chapel)
Eucharistic Adoration: 4 – 5.30pm 

Wanstead Community

13 The Avenue, Wanstead, London E11 2EE 

Email: wanstead@assumptionreligious.org  

Founded in 2009, having relocated from another house in Poplar, East London. We are situated in East London, an ethnically diverse area. Our first mission is prayer and the witness of a religious community, through our insertion in our parish community: Our Lady of Lourdes in Wanstead. Our pastoral input covers retreats, spiritual direction, catechetics, ministry, befriending and involvement with the Deaf Community. 

Grant-making Trusts in England

Duchess of Leeds Assumption Fund:

A small grant-making trust, which aims to promote the Christian education and human development of young women from the North East of England.



Assumption Legacy Fund (ALF):

A grant-making trust supporting education in the Catholic context delivered by charitable projects in the UK.








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