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Province of Europe

Since 2018

Unity Across Borders

In the summer of 2018, the new Province of Europe was born, integrating 4 countries: England, Belgium, Italy and Lithuania. Provincial leadership team with the Superior General from left to right: Sr Cathy (England), Sr Rekha (India, Superior General), Sr Kotryna- Danguolė (Lithuania, Provincial Superior), Sr Paola (Italy) and Sr Françoise-Emmanuel (Belgium)

“To make discernment an art of living, in these times of beginning and building the Province of Europe.  The Spirit urges us to go forward with discernment and ‘to risk together in response to new calls’.  The words of Mary at Cana, “Do whatever he tells you”, have proved an inspiration.” 

(From the provincial project document, 2019)

The logo of the Province of Europe is a stylised boat (symbolising the Church), with the cross of Jesus Christ, and the star representing Mary. The waves and the sail signify the breath of the Holy Spirit at work in the Church and the Congregation.





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